What is the difference between Linux command line, shell, bash, cshell, etc.

  • shell: not precise. Interface that allows you to interact with the operating system: create files, read files, manage sound, etc. more nicely than in machine code. Can be used for graphical interfaces, like a Gnome shell, sometimes it is just the command line where you type and see text only.
  • command line: not precise. Could be any shell that uses text only to interact with the OS, such as the Bourne Shell, bash, C shell, etc.
  • Bourne shell (sh): an old important shell that inspired Bash (bash). Has a specific language to it.
  • Bourne again shell (bash): default shell nowadays. Obviously inspired in the Bourne Shell. Also uses a specific programming language, which is very close to that of the Bourne shell.
  • C Shell (ssh): another influential shell, whose programming language looks more like c than bash does.
  • and the list goes on…

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